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Change / patch history for 2.8xx:


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New in 2.816 (from 2.815)
++Updated Blazingamer's GH2 Complete Rockmeter to the latest patch version and added Blazingamer's updated GH2 theme for v2.816
++Added "synth" to list of solo section label filters (synth solo was incorrectly triggering a guitar solo)


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New in 2.815 (from 2.812):
++Added .liquid.'s solo crowd responses (rocksound.ogg plays when solo start, and solo finish at 100%.. messy solo gets failsound.ogg)
++Changed neck select default back to ON for the noobs that can't find the setting to enable it
++Cut score for held notes in half to more closely match GH3's sustain scoring
++Raised RB scoring gold star required average multiplier up to 5.00x for guitar parts, left at 4.65x for drum and bass parts
++Added new option under "Visual Settings" - "GtrSolo Pos" for guitar solo accuracy display position:
+++++"Right" (default) displays guitar solo accuracy to the right of the fretboard
+++++"Center" displays guitar solo accuracy centered on the fretboard (works best with 0 decimal places)
+++++"Left" displays guitar solo accuracy to the left of the fretboard


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New in 2.812 (from 2.811):
Fixed quite a few incorrect variable names in
GH and FoF style star scoring


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New in 2.811 (from 2.810):
++Fixed "global variable player" in-game bug
++Added processor priority and affinity support back in as Death Au pointed out was missing


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New in 2.810 (from 2.805):
++Added new option under "Visual Settings" - "Decimal Places":
++++You may now select the number of decimal places to display (0 - 2), used for the following numerical displays:
+++++++Overall accuracy, average multiplier, guitar solo accuracy, note hit timing, and now analog killswitch debug as well
++Added new scoring option to "Star Scoring" under Game Settings (version)
+++Modeled after data gathered by italiansta1lion
++++"RB" (default) style scoring uses the following ranges to determine stars:
(tweaked slightly to not be so much easier than GH scoring on lower stars, and so it wasn't so easy to get gold stars on many RB songs)
1 star: 0.25x average multiplier
2 star: 0.50x average multiplier
3 star: 1.00x average multiplier
4 star: 2.00x average multiplier
5 star: 3.00x average multiplier
Gold: 4.65x average multiplier
++Further refined HOPO strum intention logic to properly handle picking before-and-after-chord HOPOs (try In Bloom now)
++Added optional log debug output on streak resets if HOPO Debug is enabled
++Added support for a second type of Rock Band solo, as in REM - Orange Crush: "[section gtr_line]" can begin a Guitar Solo
++Added "fade" logic to the analog killswitch…
++++whammy position is the volume target and it changes in small steps towards the target…
++Moved Killswitch / whammy debug display down slightly to not interfere with gutiar solo accuracy


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New in 2.805 (from 2.801):
++Increased Guitar Solo section detection slop
++Added logic to double-check if the player reset streak at any time during a solo (backup Perfect Solo detection)
++Added logic to ignore GH-style solo markers once a Section marker has been found (the two styles interfere and are mixed in GH2 songs)
++Added "[" open bracket to GH-style solo marker filter (gets mixed up with other GH2 text events)
++Added logic to catch Guitar Solos that last until the very end of the song (GH2 - Search and Destroy)
++Added user option for Guitar Solo accuracy display:
++++"Off" will not display your Guitar Solo accuracy as you play, just the review when you finish a solo
++++"Percent" (default) will display your Guitar Solo accuracy as a percentage only
++++"Detail" will display your Guitar Solo accuracy as a percentage and show you notes hit / total notes
++Centered Guitar Solo results text, and shortened display time
—-Removed repeated Guitar Solo results in scaling text
++Added required logic to display Player 2's solo review in the correct viewport
++Added logic to prevent total accuracy display when paused or failed (unless HOPO Debug option is on, because I find it useful when debugging)
++Added logic to prevent Guitar Solo accuracy or review information from displaying when paused or failed
++Added logic to prevent Killswitch Debug from displaying when paused or failed
++Added some missing image object cleanup after each song (probably part of memory leak)
++Added support for in-game star scoring system & SFX in GH themes:
++++This requires ghthemename\Sounds\starding.wav and of course the starwhite stargrey starperfect imagefiles
++Added logic for separate overall accuracy and average multiplier display location in GH theme (on top of stars)


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New in 2.801 (from 2.800):
++Fixed guitar solo restart bug
++Changed a couple of the default setting selections to provide a much quicker-loading / better-performing game with a blank fretsonfire.ini file and no settings changes:
+++++Rock Band themes overdrive neck glow defaults to OFF
+++++Library count, rotation, and neck selection all default to OFF initially
+++++The default theme, if none is selected, will be "RbMFH" instead of "Gh3" since I consider it to be the main theme of this mod
+++++Stage rotation defaults to OFF now to shorten default song loading time
+++++Guitar Solo neck style defaults to Overlay
+++++Players defaults to 2 (since you can easily enable / disable player 2 when selecting song difficulty and part)
+++++Point Of View defaults to Rock Band instead of FoF
+++++Fullscreen now defaults to OFF
+++++Large Drum Neck defaults to OFF
++Rearranged "Key Settings" menu to be more convenient
++Added version string to windowed mode window title

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