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2.9xx -> 2.925:

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New in 2.925 (from 2.920):

++Lefty modes for P1 & P2 are now available in pause setting menu
++Wrote separate logic to determine killswitch "engaged" status correctly in analog killswitch mode
+++Also added analog threshold requirement for killswitch "engaged" status (for untouched whammy registering changes)
++Rewrote Main Menu music playing logic to utilize actual music stream channel instead of sound effect channel, which allowed the following:
++++Ensured Main Menu will re-randomize and play music when re-displayed
++++Added auto-re-randomize logic that will play a new song when one ends
++Added option under "Visual Settings" - "GfxVersionTag":
++++"On" - Display the graphical version tag on the Main Menu
++++"Off" - Do not display the graphical version tag on the Main Menu
++Added separate killswitch volume setting to both main settings and pause settings menus
===Please note, this volume setting does not sort correctly since 100% is included…
++++Ensured killswitch volume setting gets reloaded after unpausing
++++Added logic to scale analog killswitch volume to max out at killswitch volume setting
++Moved "Starpower Clap SFX" to Audio Settings
—Removed "Practice Beat Clap" setting (since it is nonfunctional)
++Added logic to check for an appropriately-held long note before applying digital or analog killswitch effects
+++Also ensured that killswitch effect will be turned off after a note ends
++Added Volume Settings back to main Settings menu (no idea how long this was gone)
++Fixed / removed "Spinal Tap"-style volume settings (they all go 0-10 now like they are supposed to… this was changed incorrectly in an unofficial hotfix)
++Ensured restart of faaa's drum sound logic when restarting a song

Base Releases

Base v2.900 Releases (required for any later patches):

MFH-Alarian V2.900 Full Release: (~190MB, RAR archive, MegaUpload host)
+All 6 themes - Gh1 / Gh2 / Gh2Orig / Gh3 / RbMFH / 8bit
+Big-Ass Neck Pack (130 concurrently-named necks)
+Additional Rock Band main menu music
+Additional GH3 main menu music
+Entirely too many random stages

v2.800 Releases (required for any later patches):

MFH-Alarian v2.80 Full Release (5 Full Themes: RbMFH, Gh1, Gh2, Gh3, 8bit, + Big-A$$ Neck Pack + RB menu music x9): ~150 MB
YOU NEED BOTH PARTS FOR THE FULL RELEASE! It is only split to accomodate Mediafire's 100 MB file size limit.
RAR archive part 1 of 2: ~95 MB
RAR archive part 2 of 2: ~53 MB

MFH-Alarian v2.80 GH3-Only Light Release (1 basic theme, 1 stage, 10 necks): ~23 MB
GH3 Full Stage Pack (37 stages): ~42 MB
Alternate hitflames here

MFH-Alarian v2.80 RB-Only Light Release (1 basic theme, 1 stage, 10 necks): ~31 MB
Rock Band Full Stage Pack (12 stages): ~13 MB
Rock Band Original Notes.png from Alarian v2.7: < 100 kB
Rock Band menu music pack (9 songs): ~18 MB

The Rock Band "RbMFH" theme is a hybrid of Ds~ Rock Band v2, v3, and my personal changes (including the new star display system)

Big-A$$ Neck Pack (130 concurrently-named necks): ~23 MB
Gamexprt1's updated necks for the Big-A$$ Neck Pack
Gamexprt1's more hi-res neck replacements, and some GH3 graphics fixes

Alarian 2.7 -> MFH-Alarian 2.80 Manual Patch: ~5 MB

fuzion's Rapidshare mirrors for 2.800 base version packages

lsapg09's main menu background music thread

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