Instructions: Download the 2.800 release of your choice (below the latest patch). Decompress into a folder of your choice. Run FretsOnFire.exe, set your settings. The first time you attempt to play you will be prompted to find your "songs" folder. It must be named "songs" but it may be outside the game folder structure. Enjoy!

Patch install instructions: First, be sure you have one of the 2.800 releases (I recommend the Rock Band release). Download the latest patch and extract it to the game folder (where FretsOnFire.exe and the data folder are). This should mainly copy a new data\ over your original. Then you are ready to play!

IMPORTANT: Use WinRar 3.70+ or equivalent to read the .RAR compressed archives properly.

Supplemental instructions: …don't bother Myfingershurt!

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