This mod is based on the Ultimate Coffee's Ultimate Mod
which was built on RF_Mod made by Rogue_F
which was, of course, built by the Ultimate Voodoo (so I understand)

Main coders no particular order:
Alarian, Blazingamer, Capo, Glorandwarf, Myfingershurt,
ShiekOdaSandz, Trinidude4, QQStarS

Main graphic contributors in no particular order:
Alarian, Ds~, Dævid, EdisLeado, Skor, Worldrave

Honorary credits to:
Rogue_F, h3r1n6, Ultimate Coffee, Ultimate Voodoo

Other credits in no particular order:
Aduro, blessedmain911, Chadman, Divra, Evil Ken, FoZZ,
Kookoz, .liquid., Lnkk, Meteorito, Pudding, Racer 13,
Raph666, RavenSourcious, Seraph88, TXF, v4vendetta, YMS,
Figure, anthman852, Happ E Nose, Death Au, wolferacing,
jnuz, italiansta1ion, lsapg09, fuzion, rubjonny

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